Why website popup is the best real estate leads generation software

In the blogging arena, bloggers see website pop-up as a means of generating leads and building their email list.

But in the real estate marketing industry, this lead generation software is hardly utilised by real estate agents.

Maybe it is because of the complexities involved in setting up a website pop-up that make agents and brokers abandon this awesome leads generation tool for others that are more flexible to implement like forced registration with idx software.

Though a website pop-up is more difficult and complex to implement, it holds a lot of advantages over forced registration which if implemented properly will lead to a higher returns on investment (ROI)

Here is a good example why a website pop-up is way better than forced registration for real estate leads generation.

5 Reasons why website pop-up is the best lead generator software

1. It is more user-friendly

Website pop-up for real estate leads generation is more user-friendly and does not infringe on user engagement as much as forced registration.

With its ability to target leads based on the webpage they are, their intent and behaviour, website pop-up helps by adding value rather than being a distraction.

Because a website pop-up has a lot of functionality to show based on human interaction and engagement with your website, it has greatly reduced infringement and distraction.

Another great advantages of website pop-up for real estate leads generation is that it has an option for a visitor to decline an offer and continue with whatever he was doing on your website.

2. It can be programmed to show based on user intent and behavior

What mostly make website pop-up more user-friendly over forced registration is in its ability to be programmed to show based on the pages a visitor is viewing, his behaviour and intent at that moment he is viewing your webpage or post.

It is so flexible that it can be set-up to show to your potential customers based on their geographical location as well.

It can also be set-up to show or not to show to logged-in users of your website.

3. Website pop-up is highly seo friendly

That is another great advantage of website pop-up over forced registration.

In the case of forced registration, it gives you real estate leads but destroys an important search engines ranking signals “user metrics”.

Forced registration because of its annoying nature produces a high bounce rate which down grades your user metrics thereby affecting your search engine rankings negatively.

But website pop-up for leads generation balanced both side.

It gives you real estate leads while not destroying your user metrics that is important in boosting your search engine rankings.

Here is a post by mathewwoodworth were he outlined the importance of improving a website user metrics and its effects on search engine rankings in 2015.

4. It allows you to catch leads young

According to national association of realtors, the first step 42% of buyers took in their buying process was to look at properties for sale online.

And guess what? 82% of those buyers found online website to be a very useful source of information in enhancing their buying decision.

Now let me give you a shocker. During this period of information seeking, most will not contact or give away their contact details to a realtor until they are ready to buy that’s when they will either email or call am agent or realtor.

A website pop-up is built to help agents harvest real estate leads at their information seeking stage for followup and nurturing.

So when you use forced registration to view listings on your website, these set of buyers will bounce off to real estate website like Zillow, Trillow and realtor.com were they can make all their research without giving out their identity until they are finally ready to buy.

That is when they will finally identify themself to an agent.

The average period of this information seeking stage to the time they are ready to buy is between three to six months.

5. Website pop-up makes you creative and A/B test

With the ability to split test a lead generation idea, website pop-up is the best real estate leads generation tool because it eliminates guess-work by giving you the ability to test, choose and compare the performance of two or three leads generation strategies.

Disadvantages of website pop-up leads generator tool

For every good innovation, there is a set back and website pop-up leads generation tool is not an exemption.

Though, when you analyse the advantages, it greatly outweighs its setback.

Now, here is the set back I discovered about website pop-up software.

1. It is complex

A website pop-up is complex to set up. Though, you don’t require learning programming knowledge to set it up.

What I mean by complexity is its not something you set-up for all the pages and post of your website and blog all at once.

Their will be the need to set up different pop-up for different pages and post.

So it takes time to figure out which pop-up is best suited for a specific post or page and setting it up.

Best Website pop-up leads generator tools

Apart from buying and installing website pop-up on your website, you need a reliable email marketing software.

This email marketing software will help in delivering your promised content to your leads email address and also to schedule them for drip email and nurturing campaign.

Rapping it up

Website pop-up for real estate leads generation is the most effective way to catch your leads at their earliest stage of their buying or selling circle.

Though, it has its disadvantage, its advantages greatly outweighs it’s disadvantages and this tool can’t be afforded to be ignored.

What real estate leads generation tool is your favourite and how do you generate leads.

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