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Real Estate WordPress Themes – Best Designs For Real Estate Agency & Brokers

Real estate wordpress themes is the best CMS real estate website builder because of so many reasons I stated here on this post.

But to fully run a successful real estate WordPress website for agents, brokers and other real estate related websites, you must choose the right theme that will meet both your marketing strategies and visitors demand.

A good WordPress theme for real estate website design is one that is both responsive (renders based on the devices a user is utilizing to access your website), with strong lead capture forms, very easy to navigate through pages, post and also to search listings.

Here are my top six (6) WordPress themes for real estate agents, teams, brokers and other real estate professionals.

Note: Pricing is based on one time payment (once) and recurring payment (monthly)

Below are indebt review of each of the above mention wordpress themes.

Comprehensive review of best wordpress themes for real estate

WP Residence Real Estate WordPress Theme

wp residence real estate wordpress theme

best real estate wordpress themes for agents, brokers and property listing websites

Comprehensive WP Residence Themes Designs & Tmplates

Wp Residence WordPress theme from ThemeForest may be an unknown brand in the real estate themes arena but it’s quality and functionality are top-notch.

In my own view, WP is the best cheap real estate theme and they have built the best theme for small and medium real estate agents, realtors, teams, and brokerage and other real estate professionals.

There are few things I love about WP Estate real estate theme.

First of all, you can transition it from being an independent real estate website for agents and agencies to a real estate portal (market place) where agents can list a property for free or for a fee.

Secondly, WP is the only cheap wordpress theme for real estate that not only allows users to registers to save favorite listings and searches but actually sends out email alert whenever listings that meet the descriptions of users saved searches and listings hit the market.

This functionality is great for leads generation, nurturing and conversion. And above all, it gets users coming back to your website which is good for seo.

This functionality of email marketing is extremely important if you manually add your listings or if you intent to use WP Residence as a market place where agents can list for a fee.

Who can use WP Residence WordPress Theme

  • Real estate agents (rental agents, buyer agents and seller agents)
  • Real estate teams
  • Real estate brokers
  • Other real estate professionals
  • WP Residence includes ultra sharp retina graphics so it looks stunning on all retina displays or other high-resolution screens.
  • It is integrated with visual composer allowing you to create and build unlimited number of page template.
  • Search by features and amenities
  • Dsidxpress IDX integration support
  • Dedicated Support Team to answer all your questions, comments and requests
  • It comes with a help manual to get you started.
  • Save search and email alert functionality
  • Ability to search properties directly on the map
  • Custom advanced search
  • Ability to add floor plan
  • Ability to add unlimited property fields and edit some of the fields included by default.
  • Users can register an account or login using facebook, google or yahoo. You can turn on/off any of the social login options from admin.
  • Comes with geolocation to allow your users know where they are on the map and properties that are around them.
  • Can be transitioned from an independent agent website to a market place where you can charge users to list a property for a fee.
  • Theme is fully responsive – renders based on the devices users are using to access your website

  • Takes a little bit of time to fully understand how to customise the theme to your taste.
  • Six (6) months support from the creator of WP Residence.

This is the theme i use and am loving it all the way through. It’s awesome for agents on a low budget, great with IDX integration and seo.

And above all, it’s email listing alert functionality is something lacking in all the themes i have reviewed.

This theme only goes for $54 one-time-payment. If you want to give this theme a shot, you can buy it here.

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WP Estate WordPress Theme Real Estate

WP Estate WordPress Theme for Agents, Brokers and Property Listing websites

Best real estate wordpress themes for agents, brokers and property listing websites

Comprehensive WP Estate Themes Designs & Tmplates

WP Estate Wordpress Theme from ThemeForest was my favorite cheap theme because of its simplicity in navigation which is very good to rank for local searches on search engine result pages (SERP).

But because of its lack of email marketing functionality and inability to notify users who saved favorite listings of updates that meets their saved criteria , I opted for WP Residence theme.

Although, WP Estate theme is still a great option if you integrate it with IDX that has those email marketing functionality.

But, it’s a no no if you use it to list your own properties or allow users to list their own properties because of its lack of email marketing functionality.

Aside from it’s deficiency in listing alert, all other metrics about this theme is good.

Who can use WP Estate WordPress theme real estate

  • Real estate agent using IDX integration (both buyer, rental and seller agents)
  • Real Estate teams using IDX integration
  • Real Estate brokers using IDX integration
  • Let your user see where they are on the map with geolocation
  • Dsidxpress IDX integration ready.
  • Enables you to design your header with full width and fully responsive sliders.
  • Fully responsive and adapts to all devices users are using to access your website
  • Great support with user manual, video tutorials and forum.
  • Great property management with ability to edit or add amanities, custom fields, status and many more.
  • 5 advanced search layout to choose from and available on all pages.
  • Easily transformed from an agency website to a market portal where users can list for a fee.

  • takes a little bit of time to get used to the themes functionality.
  • Lacks the ability to notify users of new listings that meets their saved search and listing criteria
  • twelve (12) months support from the owner of WP Estate theme

Another great theme, but not recommended for agents not using IDX integration. This theme only cost $49 one-time-payment.

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Agent Evolution WordPress Theme for Real Estate

Agent Evolution wordpress theme for real estate agents and brokers

WordPress Real Estate Themes for Agency & Brokerage

Agent Evolution is one of the strong brands in the wordpress theme real estate arena. The company was acquired in mid-2014 by another strong brand in the real estate industry “IDX Broker”

Agent evolution offers both cheap and premium WordPress theme for agents, teams and brokers.

Agent evolution is specifically designed for IDX integration.

So it’s a no go area for agents that wants to list their property or allow users to list property on their website for a fee.

They offer three products namely:

  • WordPress theme: Agent evolution theme is their cheap WordPress product and it comes at a cost of just $49.99 onetime payment. You purchase the theme and build the website yourself.
  • Equity WordPress theme: Equity WordPress theme is also one of their cheap WordPress themes with the only difference is that it attracts a yearly recurring payment of $49.99. With equity theme, you will enjoy regular theme update and lots more. You can check them out here. Equity themes has an easy website builder to build the site yourself without coding.
  • Turnkey theme: turnkey themes is their premium WordPress themes and they have two versions of turnkey themes.
  1. Turkey complete: turnkey complete is a premium WordPress built on your behalf using agent evolution own hosting and IDX broker platinum included in the package plus other features. Website, hosting and IDX starts at $99.99/month while set up fee is $299.99 for this product.
  2. Turnkey select: Turnkey select is also a premium WordPress theme, but the only difference is the theme is built by agent evolution on your own hosting with your preferred IDX provider. For this product, you are only charged $399.99 one-time set-up fee.

In general, Agent Evolution has offers for all categorise of agents and brokers.

They have offers for agents, brokers and teams on a low or high budget.

Though i use WP Residence, Agent Evolution low budget themes are as good as WP Residence.

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My smart blog WordPress theme

My smart blog Real estate wordpress theme

My smart blog WordPress theme real estate

My Smart blog is another great premium WordPress theme for real estate. Though I am not a huge fan of this WordPress theme, they offer a great deal by offering high-quality blog articles if you buy their package.

Though, the articles are duplicated, they will not harm your search engine rankings neither will they add to your rankings.

But they will help wow and convert your website visitors and engage them by keeping them for longer.

  • Access to Smartblog Social Media Video Vault university
  • Done-For-You High-Quality Blog Articles that keeps your visitors engaged and coming back
  • WordPress video training library to get you started

  • The articles are duplicate and can’t rank on search engines.
  • it’s not integrated with IDX

Apert from the articles, My smart blog offering is too dull. They didn’t provide good enough reason how their theme will help agents generate leads.

My smart blog basic package goes for $97.

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Oresy WordPress Real Estate Theme

Wordpress themes real estate

Exotic Real estate wordpress theme with IDX integration

View Comprehensive Oresy Theme Designs & Templates

Oresy WordPress theme is an advanced digital transactional management website that allows users to make paperless offers online, allows you to receive those offers, negotiate the offers/terms online and to reject or accept offers online.

Oresy is my favorite premium real estate theme for agents, teams and brokers looking for an advanced and new way of marketing online.

Oresy offers two products; one for agents with a monthly recurring fee of $99 and a set-up fee of $349.

The other product is for teams and brokers with a monthly recurring fee of $199 and a set-up fee of $1500.

One thing I love most about Oresy is that it’s fully automated selling system will eliminate most of the paper works involved in traditional real estate transaction.

Another great aspect of Oresy is they also provide semi-custom design service which you can use to add more personalizations to your website.

Who can use Oresy Wordpress Real Estate Theme

  • Real estate agents (both rental, buyer and seller agent)
  • Real estate auction site
  • Real estate brokers
  • Real estate teams
  • Custom design and functionality available
  • Premium website designs and fully customizable website
  • Unlimited pictures and YouTube videos upload (on pages and postings)
  • IDX/MLS integration
  • Visitor tracker and advanced statistics
  • Customer service and technical support
  • Great lead capture tool
  • Slide show photo display
  • Save and secured Cloud platform
  • Ability to receive offers online
  • Ability to approve offers online
  • Ability to negotiate offers and terms online
  • Ability to reject or accept offers online
  • 24hrs countdown to stop sales
  • All transactions are transparent
  • Oresy themes are highly responsive

  • Not ideal for agents on a low budget

In short, if you are just starting out in real estate or you run on a low budget, Oresy is almost definitely not the right pick for you.

But, if you have a large budget and looking for an advanced, high-end website and new way to market real estate, then Oresy is for you.

Oresy basic package for agents goes for $99/month. You can schedule a demonstration here

Rapping it up

There are many real estate WordPress themes, but the five (5) I just reviewed are what I considered to be the best for small, medium and large agencies and agents based on some factors I took into consideration which are;

The cheapest wordpress theme

The cheapest and best WordPress theme is WP Residence which I use and Agent Evolution. Both has what it takes to make an agent succeed online.

But I recommend WP Residence if you want to list your property on your website, allow users to list on it or located in countries like the UK, India and Australia that doens’t have an MLS.

But, if you want to use an IDX integration to show listings on your website, then agent evolution is definitely the best pick.

The best Premium and advanced WordPress theme

For most medium and large agencies and agents who can afford it, i recommend Oresy premium WordPress theme because it’s the feature of real estate marketing.

Besides, it will help you minimize must of the traditional real estate paper work.

I hope that works, if you still have questions or suggestions regarding any real estate WordPress theme, please leave your comments or suggestions on the comment box.


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      Hi Terence.
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    This is a really amazing collection of real Estate WordPress theme and I really liked the coulple of Themes. I have also found one real estate related theme name: RealEstaty . It’s a really amazing and built using latest design trends.

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