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Our real estate seo expert will render top-notch seo services that is guaranteed to increase your Google, Bing and Yahoo rankings through effective and savvy real estate search engine optimization.

Our SEO strategies makes your real estate business stand out by becoming the leader in your market and generating hot leads in the process.

We know what Google, Bing and Yahoo loves, frowns at and utterly hates and we will use our knowledge to build an effective real estate seo that will not get penalized by any present or future search engine algorithm Like Google Panda, Penguin and humming bird.

Why Real Estate SEO is important


According to national association of realtors annual report, it has been shown that more than 90% of home buyers and sellers make use of the internet during their homes hunt, searching for an agent or merely searching for real estate related information that will give them an informed buying or selling decision.

Most of these research normally begins with a query on search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo) with keywords like your town homes for sale, your town apartment for rent or best place to live in your city.

Another reason Real Estate SEO is very important is because potential buyers and sellers are the ones looking for you as opposed to you looking for them. They begin their search when they have a need to buy, sell or rent a home

They are the most motivated types of leads any real estate agent should go for because they convert to sales easily.

Real Estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor and all the leads generating websites gets a huge chunk of their traffic and leads from ranking high on search engines and they sell those leads to you at exorbitant prices.

Knowing how to be in front of millions of potential buyers, sellers and renters when they start searching for real estate related information in your market is the best way to win them over and convert them to sales.

You don’t need to try to rank your website on your own as seo for real estate requires the right knowledge and time.

We are specialist in real estate SEO. We know how to rank your real estate website high on search engines like Google, bing and yahoo.

Let us Help you achieve your dreams of dominating your market.

Our Real Estate SEO Services


User Experience (UX) Optimisation

User experience (UX) optimization includes improving the dwell time, click-through rate and reducing bounce rate of visitors to your website through building effective site structures and content writing like internal links, content writing, title and description tag writing.

Helping you improve UX will ultimately send the right user signals to Google that your site is an authority.

Not: User signals is now a big ranking factor. Most agencies don’t know this but we do because we stick our ears to the ground.

Internal Search Engine Optimisation

internal search engine optimization is a crusial factor in search engine optimization.

It includes discovery and removal of any technical website errors that will reduce or affect user experience and search engine bots like website speed, 404 errors, robot test and duplicate urls.

Internal optimisation also include keyword research and placement of your target keywords and LSI keywords at the right place.

Real Estate Backlinks building at relevant websites

We have built relationship with more than 5,000 high DA real estate related websites with huge monthly traffic in their thousands.

Unlike other real estate SEO companies that build links on dead websites (websites no body visits) we build real estate links on websites that constantly sends positive signals to Google through it’s numerous user interaction activities.

Our real estate backlinks is not automated, We manually reach-out to the webmasters of these websites with unique content (We frown at spin content so we never use them because it will hurt your website if detected by algorithm or goes into manual review)

Real Estate SEO Keywords Research and Placement

When you sign-up, we will research your market to pick out profitable real estate seo keywords to use in the content of your website.

What are profitable real estate seo keywords? Profitable seo keywords are keywords that are most likely to lead to a sale.

Another thing we will do after picking out profitable seo keywords is to arrange them in order of importance and place them in your content.

Placing your real estate seo keywords at the right places based on it’s importance will increase the value Google and other search engines will place on it, which will increase it’s probability of increasing in rankings.

Why we are the best real estate seo company that will get the job done

real-estate-seo-image-2What is the holy grail of SEO?

Is it content + links = high rankings

Or, content + social signals + links = high rankings

If your answers is one of the above, then i am afraid to tell you that you are damn wrong.

Those strategies belong to yester years of SEO. Unfortunately, most real estate SEO company still relies heavily on this outdated SEO strategies of yester years.

No wonder they struggle to get results for their clients

That is where we are different. We have our ears to the ground in the SEO industry and with keen sense of observation and testing we have been able to decifer what works and what doesn’t work in this present SEO landscape.

So, what is the holy grail of SEO now?

It is great local content + great on-site optimisation + natural looking links = higher rankings

That is what other real estate seo company don’t know but we do because we have our ears to the ground.

Let us help you get your website ranked and generate leads and sales today.

Here is what our customers are saying about our SEO for real estate service


I used to think it was impossible to outrank Zillow, Trulia, Realtor and all the big real estate brands that occupy top 10 in my niche.

My believe was partly fueled because i have used two seo company in the past with no result. The best i got was top 40 placement. But since i hired realtymarketingtool, my believe has changed as they were able to rank my keywords #3 in such a short time.

Amy J.