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How to use semalt SEO tool to increase Google rankings and conversion

Semalt is a seo tool that specializes in ranking clients website higher on search engines result page (SERP), provide website analytics and development.

In this post, I will be talking about how you can use semalt to rank all your keywords on Google top ten results within the shortest period.

Like I said, SEO is a journey, not a destination. You have to constantly keep locking down your top ten spot and keeping abreast with the latest seo strategies to remain on top at the long run.

But when it comes to SEO, not many business owners have the idea, finance or time needed to make it work.

That is where semalt comes in. Semalt will provide you with all the seo services you need at an affordable rate.

With just $0.99 for first month trial, you will see 15% search engine visibility increase.

Does semalt really work?

I have been using semalt for close to three months now targeting a very competitive keyword and the result has been awesome.

Although, all my keywords have not hit top 10 yet because my niche is highly competitive but 70% of my keywords are on page 2 of Google and 6 keywords are on top 10 already.

How long will it take semalt to rank your website to top 10 of Google

Based on my experience of testing semalt, you will achieve top ten rankings on 70% of your keywords within a short period if you subscribe to their full SEO service.

Although, this result varies and it depends on how competitive your niche is.

If you are in a very competitive niche, subscribing for 6 months full seo service will give you the required result.

But if you are in a less competitive niche, subscribing for 3 months full seo is ideal.

If you are very good with internal optimization, then you can subscribe for auto seo which will give you the required result within the shortest period of time.

Auto seo trial package goes for $0.99 for first month.

How to begin with semalt

Go to semalt website here. Add your website url to their search bar and click enter.


Semalt website crawler will analyze your website, generating seo errors to fix and money generating keywords for your niche.

After generating the report, you will see all the seo errors your website has. If you are very good with seo, you can start correcting those errors immediately.

But if you are not good with seo, you can choose one of their two services depending on your seo knowledge.

Semalt SEO services

Auto SEO

I recommend auto seo if you did a very good work with your site internal optimization. Auto seo is more about building of relevant backlinks to your website.

Full seo

If you are like most business owners that don’t know much about internal optimization, then subscribing for semalt full seo is recommended.

Full Seo covers both internal and external optimization which gives you the required result within the shortest period by removing all the bottle necks on your site that will prevent you from ranking higher on Google.


Semalt is a great seo tool that a lot of people miss understand thinking it’s all about referral spamming and hijacking of website.

This assumption prevented me from testing semalt long ago because each time I Google about semalt, I saw many negative reviews about them regarding referral spamming which put me off.

I have tested semalt for two months and eighteen days and 70% of my keywords which are highly competitive are rocking page two which include my target keywords.

Six keywords are already on first page of Google.

Here is a screen short of my ranking report.

keyword perfomance 1

keyword performance

keyword 2

My take on semalt

Based on my trial of semalt full seo, forget about all the negative reviews they have about referral spamming and try it out.

At $0.99 first month trial, you have nothing to lose. They have excellent support and give you regular update on rankings.

Go to Semalt website here

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