How to build quality backlinks that will catapult you to No. 1 on Google

Since the advent of Google’s two dangerous animals “Google penguin and Panda” finding a quality real estate linkable asset has become very difficult.

The old fashioned way of building backlinks is no longer effective as webmasters are now skeptical not to link to bad neighborhood as that will get their site penalized.

In today’s post penguin period, two things influence the effectiveness of a backlink which are;

  1. Quality of backlinks

The first thing Google looks at on a linking domain is the quality of the linking domain.

The higher the quality of the linking domain, the more powerful and effective that backlink will have on your Search engine rankings.

How to measure the quality of a linkable asset

The quality of a linkable asset used to be measured by Google page rank (PR).

But  now, after Google stopped updating its PR for some time now, real estate seo expert are now turning to another powerful and yet reliable website quality meter called MOZ domain authority (DA), page authority (PA) and spam score.

Domain authority (DA) measures and scores the entire website while Page authority (PA) only measures and scores a specific webpage.

Both DA and PA are measured with a score of 100. The higher the score the more valuable and powerful the backlink will be.

Another tool I love using to measure a website quality score is to take a look at MOZ spam score. The spam score has a quality score of 0/17.

If the spam score of a linking asset is above 5/17, then that linking assets is too risky to consider linking to your website.

Use this link to install MOZ toolbar to your browser to check every linkable asset.

Another way to measure the quality of a backlink is to evaluate the relevancy of page or domain the backlink will come from.

The more related the domain and linking page is to your site, the more powerful the backlinks will be.

If you are building backlinks from a sport page to your real estate page, that backlink will be useless because sports have nothing to do with real estate.

And this type of backlink may even get you penalized by search engines.

So in real estate link building, relevancy of linking domain and page is very important for success.

  1. Quantity of backlinks

Quantity is another thing that makes a backlink effective. The more the backlink from different domains, root domains and TLD’s the more effective it becomes.

Although, quality of backlinks is more effective than quantity of backlinks. That doesn’t take away the fact the quantity of backlinks is also important for real estate seo.

What I mean is a backlink with a DA of 80, PA of 50 and spam score of 0/17 will outperform 20 backlinks with a DA of 10, a PA of 2 and spam score of 6/20.

So, in backlink building quality of backlinks comes first before quantity.

How to build real estate backlinks like a PRO

  1. Reach out to influencers in your niche

In backlink building, influencers call the shorts. One influencer in your niche that shares your post on facebook, twitter, linkedin or simply mentions you on his post could attract not only thousands of visitors who may become clients but also links back to your website.

  1. Write guest Post

Guest blogging is not only a great avenue to build backlinks to your website but also to drive quality visitors to your website.

Here is how to discover great real estate guest post opportunity in your niche. Just Google with these keywords;

  • Your niche real estate guest post
  • Guest post niche real estate
  1. Broken link building

Broken link building is a technique used to discover linking assets that are linking to your competitors but due to one thing or the other the linked url returns a 404 error.

Broken links are powerful because the the linkable assets you discover with it usually has a very high PA.

  1. Mine your competitors backlinks

Using seo tool like SEO spyglass and MOZ toolbar, you can mine your competitor’s best backlinks.

Simply do a search with your keywords, input all the top ten result into seo spyglass to see their best backlinks.

After doing that, start reaching out to the webmasters that linked to your competitor to link to you.

Rapping it-up

Real estate link building is an act that requires time and patience to succeed. Based on my experience with link building, it requires a lot of time and patience to discover a linkable asset.

What is your view about link building? Do let me know on the comment box.

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