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How to be a successful real estate agent – Simple rules to follow

The dream of every real estate agent or realtor is to join the league of top performing agent in his town. Though, becoming the best real estate agent or realtor is not an easy task, it is an endeavor that is not impossible either.

With the right knowledge, combined with the right marketing strategies and tools, becoming the best real estate agent in your town is just a whisker away.

You may have asked yourself “how do I become a real estate agent?” In this article, I will not only show you how to become a real estate agent and but also a very successful one.

Below, I will be discussing step by step guide you need to break into the league of best top performing agents and brokers in your town.

Step by step Guide in becoming a successful realtor in your town real estate

Get a real estate Licence

Your first step in becoming a real estate agent is to obtain a real estate licence. Obtaining a real estate licence will allow you to operate legally as a real estate agent. Though, the process of obtaining a real estate licence defers from state to state in the US and also from country to country.

In some states in the US, you will be required to pass through a real estate education, write an exam and if you pass the exam, you will be issued a real estate licence to operate. In some state in the US also, you will be required to work under a broker before you can operate alone.

Because of the differences in procedures in obtaining a licence, it will be wise to check out the requirement in your state or country before commencing.

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Use PPC to generate Quality Leads

One of the most important traits of a successful realtor is that they know where the leads are and they go straight down there to harvest the leads.

The reason why so many real estate agents failed is not because they lack the basic marketing knowledge but because they can’t figure out where potential leads gather.

Based on national association of realtors findings, 90% of real estate home buyers and sellers make use of the internet during their homes buying or selling journey which makes the internet the greatest reservoir of quality real estate leads.

For internet leads, the best place to catch a motivated seller or buyer is through PPC.

PPC gives you the ability to streamline and target your potential leads in a way that it almost eliminates wastage and increase conversion by reaching the right audience.

Note:To run a successful PPC campaign, you need time, knowledge and experience.

I recommend using our Real estate PPC management to maximize your ppc campaign and reduce cost.

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Choose a Real Estate Niche

This is the first step you need to take before any other thing. First of all decide on the niche that is must suitable to you financially and otherwise. Many realtors make the mistake of jumping into any niche they see because of the amount of money involved in that niche real estate without first of all finding out if they will have any comparative advantage in that niche.

I have already written an article on how to choose a real estate niche and if you are looking for tips to farm and dominate your niche online, I have also written an article on how to farm your niche on the internet.

Your success or failure as a newbie real estate agent all depends on the type of niche you choose to start with. My advice to you is never choose a niche that is too big for your capacity.

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Avoid ”The Adolf Hitler’s mistake

Some times ago i was reading the history of world war ii and it struck me that Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany could have won the second world war if they had focused on taking on and conquering one nation at a time instead of taking them on all at once.

In today’s world, many real estate agents are still falling victim of the same mistake I term ”The Adolf Hitler’s mistake.

Rather than taking on a niche based on their financial capacity, conquer it before moving on to another to conquer it, they chose to take them on and conquer all the niches all at once thereby getting their hands burnt in the process just like Adolf Hitler.

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Choose a Real Estate brokerage

If you are not financially okay to pull it off alone, then your best bet would be to affiliate with a real estate broker. Brokerages will offer you so many facilities that will ease your financial burden as a newbie realtor.

This facilities includes, mobility, office space and gadgets, a recognised brand name and a website.

Take Note: Even if your brokerage offers you a website, its highly recommended you get your own website because the day you will leave that brokerage, the only thing you will take along with you is your personal realtor website together with all its leads  and years of hard work that was put into the website.

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Get a real estate website

It’s very important, don’t fall victim by relying entirely on your brokerage website because the day you will leave them, you are not only losing the brokerage website but all the years of effort you have put into it and you will end up starting all over again.

But with your personal realtor website, it goes with you were ever you go together with all the leads it generated and the hard work you have put into it over the years.

Because a website is the centre piece of a successful real estate agents marketing strategy you need a website that comes equipped with all the tools necessary for a successful online marketing campaign.

Here is an in-dept review of the best real estate website for agents, brokers and teams with the best leads generation tool.

Read More: Looking for a good real estate agent websites? Qualities to watch out in a realtor web design

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Utilise the power of the internet

The internet has changed our daily lives. We use it daily to either socialize, communicate with friends and colleagues, research or to buy products. The internet is the fastest way to send or receive information worldwide. Based on a research, more than 90% of home buyers started their hunt online.

That should tell you the importance of the internet in our real estate marketing strategy. The fact is, if you are not utilising the power of the internet, you are loosing out on 90% plus of home buyers.

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Choose a real estate marketing strategy and Plan

Outline the strategies and plans you will use to conquer your niche and work according to the dictates of those marketing plans and strategies. Also pick a day each week to work on or implement each plan and strategy.

Every successful realtor has a well-planned marketing strategy and plans which he follows routinely. Above, i talked about utilizing the power of the internet, but the question now is how will you reach out to those 90% home buyers and win them over through the internet?

That is where your real estate internet marketing strategies and plans comes in handy. There are many ways you can use to reach out to those 90% internet home buyers like search engine marketing (sem), advertising on Zillow, forum marketing and pay-per-click (PPC).

Among all the internet marketing strategies and plans I mention above, my favorite is search engine marketing (sem).

I love search engine marketing  because the traffic your site will receive through SEM Advertising converts to sales easily because they are more unique and targeted than any other form of internet marketing and more over, they are the ones that are seeking for my services and not the other way round.

More reading

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Build a good leads generation system

I always say that if you don’t have a good lead generation system in place, then be prepared to go out of business. As the real estate market becomes so competitive, only those agents that are able to generate real estate internet leads will remain in business.

If you don’t have the contact details of your prospects, you have no hold on them . Only those agents that have their contact details and follows up on them will win them.

For more details on how to build a very powerful leads generation system, read:

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Build a lead follow-up system

A perfectly executed follow-up will lead to conversion of leads to sales. If you don’t follow-up on your real estate leads, you may be losing them to agents who do so. Follow up is the most difficult thing in real estate marketing and that is where a lot of realtors are poor at.

Follow up requires patience, persistence and consistency for following a lead up untill he is ready to buy. The truth is without proper follow-up, there is no sales and no sale means no follow-up.

For more follow-up tips, read:

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Study your competitors & Agents in other niche

You can call it spying but whatever way you see it, studying or spying on your competitors and realtors in other niche real estate will give you great insight on improving your own services.

Spy on them to figure out what they do, how they do it, what works for them and what does not work for them and use the information you get to improve your business.

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Join a real estate agent forum & follow a realtor blog

The good thing about the internet is that every information you are looking for can be found on the internet both free and paid. One way of harnessing those wealth of knowledge the internet has to offer is to join a realtor forum like realestatewebmasters.com, realesatateforum.com, agentsonline.net and to subscribe to a real estate marketing blog like realtymarketingtool.com.

By joining a real estate agent forum you will be able to learn great marketing ideas and to also interact with other agents and brokers who have made it in the real estate industry.

By following or subscribing to a real estate blog, you will be able to learn great marketing tips from a professional point of view and to search through blog post on any topic that will boost your real estate agent business.

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Delegate, outsource and automate

i have come to understand that you can never be perfect and efficient in handling every aspect of a real estate business alone without delegating, outsources or automating some areas of your business.

Infant if a real estate agents decides to handle every aspect of his business  not only will he be very slow he will be inefficient and over worked with very little result to show for it.

My philosophy over the years has always been to delegate, outsource or automate some of my business activities and only concentrate on those areas i am very good at (SEO and internet marketing).

Since I started delegating, outsources and automating my real estate marketing, I am more refreshed with great results to show for it.

Areas to outsource, delegate or automate are;

  • Internet marketing
  • Real estate SEO
  • Your website design
  • Listing update
  • Email marketing
  • social media marketing
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Pre-qualify your leads

In order not to waste your time, money and energy chasing shadows, pre-qualify your leads first to know if they are financially capable to buy and concentrate all your effort showing listings to those that are capable of buying.

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Focus on building relationship and not making sales

Though making a sale is the major aim of the business, concentrating on making sales alone without building a very strong relationship with your leads and past clients will see your sales level drop overtime and totally kill referrals from your leads and past clients who has experienced a very poor business relationship with you.

To be a successful real estate agent not only in the short run but in the long run, your major focus should be on building a very strong relationship with your leads.

Real estate buyers are not looking for an agent with wonderful resume but one that is there for them whenever and where’er they needed them. A good relationship with your leads and past clients is what will guarantee you sales and referrals.

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Create a blog about your town real estate

The benefit of blogging for your town real estate is unprecedented. The benefits ranges from dominating search engine result pages (SERP), portraying yourself as an expert, building trust and relationship.

I have already written about why blogging should be part of your real estate internet marketing strategy here

My recommended real estate blog and hosting: I recommend a WordPress blog hosted on blue host

Read more about blogging:


Becoming a successful real estate agent in your niche is not magic, it is a procedure that requires strategies, plans, tools and above all time to be effective. You won’t become a successful real estate agent over night neither will it happen without a directed effort.

That is to say that your success in real estate agency depends on “directed effort + time + patience + determination = success.

So, what do you think, do you have any other strategies, plans or tools you are using to dominate your niche. Why not share it with us on the comment box.

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    Reena Esquieres December 2, 2015 at 3:55 am

    These simple steps and strategies have been the guiding light of the most successful business icons in the real estate industry. Even when the world has become more digital, these basic simple rules will help newbies and professionals succeed in the real estate business. Selling houses and rental properties from the free property listings would just be as easy as A-B-C when they master the real estate market.

  2. Reply
    Jade Brunet September 9, 2016 at 12:13 am

    I have a friend who is interested in becoming a real estate agent and we are looking to find more information about this process. It is nice to know that getting a license is a first step. I think it is also a good idea to be attentive towards houses to better know how to sell when the time comes.

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