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Real estate leads generation: How to convert abandoning website visitors into leads

Most real estate agents using IDX/MLS like idxplus to display listings on their website normally require users to register before they view more details on any listing after a set amount of views.

This real estate leads generation strategy gets the highest amounts of leads, according to Mark Barker, who said this idea has a conversion rate of 4.43% compared to none forced IDX registration with 1%

My question now is what then happens to the other 55.57% who jumps ship as a result of seeing the mandatory sign-up to view listing or other vises?

They just hit the back button and leave your site because they are not ready to give out their contact details to contact you.

So, that means you are losing out on 55.57% of potential buyer’s right?

Yes 55.57% of potential leads are lost to forced registration and other vises.

What you will learn here

In this post, I will show you how to convert those 55.57% of potential leads who wants to abandon your website into leads using an easy to implement leads generation strategy.

Why does a potential visitor abandon your website?

Forced registration to view listing

When you ask your visitors to sign-up before they can view listings on your website, this could prompt most potential leads to immediately abandon your site for another real estate website.

To reduce the number of potential leads that abandons your site, it’s recommended to allow them to view a certain amount of listings preferable three before prompting them to sign-up.

That way, they are already engaged with your content and therefore less likely to abandon site when they see your compulsory sign-up form.

Not understanding why they must sign-up

Another reason why potential leads abandon your site when they encounter your sign-up form is because they didn’t understand what they stand to benefit by signing-up.

So, in your sign-up form make it clear and short with a strong call to action, what they (leads) stand to benefit by signing-up to view listings.

The call to action must be compelling and appeal to the emotion of leads in order to be effective.

Another way to make your leads understand why it’s important to sign-up is to display an explainer video on your real estate website.

What is an explainer video?

Explainer video is a short film (it could be animated) explaining what you do, how they will find the right property on your site, what goodies they stand to get by signing-up to view listings and how you will assist them find the right property.

Since, the first place most of your potential leads land on your website is your home page, it’s the best place to place an explainer video detailing what your website is all about, how it works and how your website will help them achieve their aim which is finding and buying a home.

Another area to add explainer video is to make it sticky on the side bar widget.

I use semalt to produce all the explainer videos on my websites.

The reason why I chose semalt is because it’s very affordable and the quality of its videos rivals other more expensive services like switchdieo.

Your website lacks value

Value is what makes your leads trust you and want to use you as their agent again and again and even recommend you to friends, relations and colleagues.

If your website lacks value, they will never trust you or your brand enough to let go of their contact details.

According to national association of realtors, 90% of buyers said that the reason why they chose their agent is because they (agents or realtors) met their (buyers) informational needs.

Now that is what adding value on your website will do

How to increase your website value

  • Shoot an explainer video
  • Become an authority in your niche by producing high-quality blog post, videos and inforgraphics
  • Include internal links on your pages and post
  • Add post and pages that are more valuable to leads on header and footer menu
  • Add high-quality community and area pages to places where its easily accessible like header and footer menu
  • Add related post and listings

Ok, now let’s go back to how to convert abandoning website visitor’s leads

Who is an abandoning visitor?

An abandoning visitor is a visitor that visits your website and leaves without taking an action like filling out your leads form or calling you.

How to convert an abandoning visitor to leads

Real estate agents are traditionally wired to convert website visitors to leads but only few knows the trick to convert abandoning and abandoned visitors to leads.

Converting an already abandoned visitor to leads is a story for another article. On this article I will focus on converting an abandoning visitor to leads.

Use exit intent website popup to convert abandoning visitors to leads

An exit intent website popup is a leads generation tool that is wired to show when a user’s mouse moves towards exiting your website.

It enables you build your email list for email marketing. According to Nail Patel here and my post here, email marketing trumps social media for customer retention and conversion by more than 20%

My favorite exit intent software for real estate WordPress websites is Popally website popup.

I love Popally website popup because of its clean code that will not slow down the speed of my website.

It is also wired to enable you choose who you want to see the Popup. For example you can set-up Popally to show only to non-logged in users.

Another great benefit of popally is it’s a smart leads generation software that doesn’t show-up to already registered leads.

To top it all, you can easily integrate popally to any of your favorite email marketing software without any coding knowledge like Getresponse email marketing software which I use and recommend.

With this functionality, it will enable you target those 55.57% of visitors that will not sign-up to view listings or contact you on your website.

Other usefulness of popally website popup is you can use it on your blog post and website pages to generate leads.

How to generate leads using exit intent website popup

Generating leads through exit intent website popup is using the software to offer real estate lead bait.

What is real estate lead bait?

Real estate lead bait is a valuable resource your potential leads will find irresistible to ignore because it promises to meet their information needs.

This valuable resource will serve as a bait to attract the attention of your potential leads and they have to give out their contact details in exchange for this valuable resource.

Why should you create real estate lead bait to increase lead generation? Your potential leads needs a ‘hub’ or ‘resource’ to learn more about how to buy or sell a property, and discover how awesome you are at what you do.

As they begin to learn about how to buy or sell, you and your brand, they’re more likely to want to work with you.

How to offer lead bait using popally exit intent website popup

If you are not yet using exit intent technology to convert abandoning visitors to leads, you can do so now by buying Popally for $97 using this link.

  1. Offer irresistible content in exchange for contacts

The secret of succeeding with lead bait is offering high value content as an upgrade to the content they are already engaged with on your website.

This content can be in form of a case study, webinar, buying guide

  1. Write attention grabbing headlines

Headlines are the difference between successful lead bait and not too successful lead bait. Headlines are the first words that catch the attention of an abandoning visitor.

So make it short, unique and compelling to draw the attention of abandoning visitor.

  1. Write short description of what and why leads have to subscribe

Description is the second layer of a successful exit intent popup campaign. A description gives the potential lead more glimpse on the goodies that awaits them if they sign-up.

  1. Deliver on promise

It will do you and your brand serious harm if you didn’t meet-up as promised.

Deliver what you promised at the time and place you promised to deliver them and the first bond between you and your lead will be built.

  1. Write strong call to action

lead generation call to action

Instead of writing sign-up on your call to action button, include what your leads stand to get signing-up.

Here is a complete guide on quicksprout on how to write an attention-grabbing call to action

  1. Use Urgency and scarcity

lead generation strategy

Scarcity makes your lead bait more appealing. It also makes your bait more valuable when you specify a time frame the offer will expire or that almost all seats for a webinar have been booked remaining three seats.

According to sumome, using this sales strategy boost sales by 226%

Rapping it up

It takes a skill to generate leads and it takes another skill to convert the leads to sales.

Don’t just rest on your laurels of leads generation as that is only the beginning. A lead in your data base has only potentials to generate sales and income for you.

To make it yield its full potential, you must put a serious effort in investing time and money in following them up through series of email and drip email campaigns.

So, how do you convert abandoning visitors to leads, let us know on the comment box.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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