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5 Basic DIY Real Estate SEO strategies that will get your website ranked

Key Takeaway

  • Backlinks still matters in seo
  • How to use header tag to boost rankings
  • Improving website speed will lead to higher rankings

SEO is a most do for every real estate business irrespective of the medium in which you generate traffic to your website.

Even though you make use of other medium of digital advertising to generate traffic and leads, it’s still highly recommended to optimize your website for SEO.

Reasons being that unlike other forms of online marketing where you pay for every traffic and leads, SEO will get you those traffic and leads day and night on author pilot without spending a dim.

All that is needed is to implement some SEO best practices on your website, build links and you are ready to go.

SEO is a very lucrative practice, that’s why a lot of online marketers hire SEO expert to help them rank their website on Google.

And hiring real estate SEO expert is for those marketers that can afford it. But what of those marketers that are in a tight budget?

Should they simply give-up and hand over the search game to those other marketers whose pockets is deep enough to hire a SEO agency.

The truth is if your pocket isn’t deep enough, you have no other option than to do the damn SEO yourself and that is what I am going to show you here.

DIY Real Estate SEO Strategies that works

Let the most important things be above the fold of your website

According to MOZ, search engines now takes user experience as a ranking signal.  When they notice that visitors from SERP are bouncing back immediately they arrive your site, they will view your site as lacking substance and may down rank it.

Part of the ways to make Google love your website is to push the most important aspect of your content appear above the fold of your website.

Don’t assume people will scroll down or find their way to that information.

Let’s take for example; you own a real estate website and you are targeting your home page with the keyword search homes for sale in Newyork City.

Based on the keyword intent, you will see that people searching with this keyword on Google are looking for a real estate website where they can search the inventory of homes listed for sale in Newyork City.

The type of landing page for the keyword search homes for sale in Newyork city would consist of a title describing what exactly the visitor should do which is for example search listings for sale in newyork city and a search bar all above the fold like in the picture below.

seo strategy


Your H1 Tag should be above all other contents of a webpage

You H1 headings should be rapped with your title and it should appear above the fold on your page above any other page content and should contain your target keyword.

H1 SEO strategy


Don’t be fooled, your site speed matters a lot

According to MOZ, site speed really matters if you want to rank your website high.

And to prove that Google takes site speed seriously, they also added it as a list of free resources at webmasters console so that webmasters can quickly check how fast their website is.

To check your site speed is very easy. Just head over to Google speed insight to check the speed of your website.

speed tester


Enter your url and click analyse. Wait for a few seconds for Google to generate your report

The thing about Google speed tester is that it’s totally free and after a report is generated, it also recommends to you how to make your website load faster.

site speed with recommndation


Don’t be deceived, backlinks is still king

There has been many talks in the SEO community about the current efficacy of backlinks with some seo expert having the opinion that backlink is no longer a ranking factor while other still maintain that backlinks is still a great force in the SEO world.

But is backlink dead as a ranking factor? The answer is a big no. Backlinks works and it’s continues to work in the seo world today.

But what I don’t know is if it will continue working in the future. Maybe Google will find another way of ranking websites tomorrow but as for today, backlinks is still king.

Without backlins all your great articles won’t be seen so backlink is the fuel of your content.

Here is how to build great backlinks

  1. Guest post: guest post is writing for another sight in exchange for links to your site. But if links is the very sole of writing a gust post, then you started on a wrong footing and your guest post will likely not get published. Write engaging content as a guest post and you will be rewarded with not only a link back to your site but also some leads and sales.
  2. Backlink outreach: reaching out to other webmasters and influencers to link to your website is a great way of building quality backlinks. Brian Dean of backlinko popularized the skyscapper approach where you write not only epic content but very long one and reach out to influencers and webmasters in your market to link to it.

Rapping it-up

Follow these simple DIY tricks and you will be on you way to Google’s top.

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